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oh yes, dear... decorate your life

Posted by patricia farr on

Hello friend, so it Happened! We're finally LIVE!! Blow up some balloons! Get the confetti! This is exciting! 

December 20, 2020 is the Birthday of our West of Winter Online Store!

We want to start by saying how grateful we are that you are reading this... even if it's a year from now! Still, so grateful!

"decorate your life" has been with us for a long time now. It's kind of our mission statement.. It's permission, if you will, to adorn yourself & your home with things that make "You" happy.

Color outside the lines, Bop in the car to a catchy tune no matter who might see. Don't spend your life worried about fitting in. You'll find freedom when you dare to show the world that "you are one of a kind!" plus...  Life flies on by so fast... so,

oh yes, dear... decorate your life.       

& Happy Birthday to you, little website! 



  • Congratulations!! What an exquisite opening collection!

    Cindy on

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